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Reverse Mortgages


Reverse mortgages are one of the fastest growing financial products in Australia. Accessing equity in the family home has become commonplace, and a reverse mortgage allows people to access this equity in a lump sum payment or in the form of an annuity to supplement their superannuation or pension income.


Reverse mortgages allows you to access equity in your property if you have a savings shortfall during retirement, while retaining full ownership of the property and benefiting from any growth in its value until it is sold.


Family Equity


Family Equity offers a range of financing options that can help you buy or repay your home sooner with the help of your family. Both you and your family can help secure and/or fund the loan together.


Family Equity allows you to:

• Obtain family help to buy your first home, or enter the market as a property investor using any of the Bank's home loan products (subject to eligibility)

• Borrow more funds than you may have been eligible for without family assistance

• Help your children or other family members to buy their first home using the equity in your place


The main ways in which your family can assist with your home purchase are:

• As guarantors providing security support

• As guarantors providing servicing support

• As guarantors providing both security and servicing support


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