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Insurance Overview

The most overlooked, yet most valuable asset, you have is your ability to produce an income. Unfortunately the people who suffer the most when something happens to you are usually your family and your business.


The ideal first step before you make an investment, buy an asset, or start any business, is to consider a worst case scenario strategy and formulate a plan, putting the appropriate safety nets in place. An asset protection strategy, business succession plan and estate plan also need careful consideration.

What are the chances of it happening to me?

Every working Australian has a 1 in 3 chance of becoming disabled for more than 3 months before turning sixty-five.


Between the ages of thirty-four and sixty-four 36% of all males and 23% of all females will suffer from a critical illness.

Risk Management Plan

The types of things to consider when constructing a risk management plan are:


  • Your ability to earn an income: what is it actually worth?
  • How long will your family survive without an income?
  • What are your debt levels and how will your family cope with them in the case of death or disability?
  • Can you fund the medical requirements of a critical illness?
  • Business succession plans: will the bank recall any loans you are guarantor for?
  • Can your family step in to run the business as you have done?
  • Will business partners buy out your share of the business if you die?
  • What price would they pay if you are not here to negotiate?
  • Is there a written agreement in place?
  • Are your assets protected from third-party claims and creditors?
  • Will your beneficiaries receive exactly what you want in the most tax effective manner?

Need More Information

Life Insurance products can solve a number of these problems and can be a very cost effective solution as one dollar in premiums buys thousands in benefits.


We utilise research systems to compare all the products available in the market and to obtain the best quality product at the most reasonable price. Last year we saved our clients up to 47% on the cost of Life Insurance Policies, so even if you would just like to compare your existing polices please call for an appointment.


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