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Our Expertise

Security National's financial planners have cemented a reputation which is second to none by providing client focused service and strong financial strategies. Our pool of resources, including Chartered Accountants and Lawyers, ensure that our clients receive the best advice possible and gain a clear picture of their total financial position and future opportunities.


Professional Standards: All our planners are members of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

Planning Process

The planning process should be a pleasant experience from the moment you pick up the phone or send your email enquiry. We will provide you with information about our company and what you can expect from our services. You will be provided with a Financial Services Guide for your information and a Client Data Form so that we can assess your current circumstances. These measures allow us to make the best recommendations in order to meet your needs and wants and ensure you are informed throughout the process.


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Retirement Planning

At Security National we are experts in superannuation and retirement planning. As you approach retirement, Security National can advise you on all of your retirement options, from maximising your contributions through salary sacrifice to income stream advice and social security guidance. Our goal is to work closely with you to ensure that all your lifestyle needs and wants are met in retirement.



Personal tailored superannuation advice is vital to your success in achieving superannuation benefit goals. Security National can work with you to ensure that your superannuation fund is the right fund for you and that it is arranged to meet your needs. We will work closely with you to ensure that you are making the best use of current regulations and that your investments are working hard. After determining your risk profile we will ensure your asset allocation is appropriate to your current circumstances.


Self Managed Superfund Administration

We have extensive in-house resources to guide you through the compliance aspect of owning a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF). We will help you to meet your obligations as trustees and members of your SMSF. We provide quarterly performance reporting and your end of year tax statements. We work to ensure your investment strategy document reflects your actual investment portfolio and asset allocation goals. Our reporting can provide you with information regarding your contribution strategy and investment portfolio at any time.

Estate Planning

Planning for your death is a critical part of the financial process. You need to ensure that not only are all your goals met whilst you are alive but also that your assets are dealt with in the way which you desire after your death. It is important that your Will reflects your wishes. Along with a Will there are many things you need to do to ensure a tax effective distribution and dispersion of your assets. We can work with you to make sure your assets, including superannuation and income streams are set up to met your own and your beneficiaries� needs. Binding Nominations, Testamentary Trusts, a legal Will and/or a Power of Attorney are all areas we can assist you with at Security National. Estate planning should be part of a well rounded financial plan right from the beginning, rather than being left to the last minute.


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Wealth Creation

From arranging simple regular savings plans to constructing and monitoring aggressive geared strategies, if investing and saving outside of superannuation is one of your needs we have many strategies to be reviewed. Dollar Cost Averaging into either a geared or a non-geared portfolio may suit you. Alternatively, accessing equity in your own home or investment property to diversify into the market might be appropriate to your needs. Contact a planner today to obtain a free review of your situation. Start saving today, don�t put it off any longer. Make a move to start your investing career and learn about investments - we will work with you to remove the mystery.

Taxation Planning

One of the most important considerations when arranging a well thought out financial strategy is taking advantage of tax efficiencies, either lowering the overall amount of tax you pay or deferring a tax position. The following are just some of the tools we can use to lower your tax bill: appropriate superannuation contribution strategies, gearing to create tax deductions, remuneration packaging and tax effective managed investment schemes. These, along with careful timely planning, will assist you to meet your tax effective goals. Security National also has a number of accountants available to you to ensure your tax planning is appropriate and relevant to your needs.

Portfolio Construction and Investment Planning


We believe in active investment management at Security National. After all, with our experience and market knowledge we believe we are better placed than most to give advice about asset allocation and investment selection. Brokers usually only deal with Australian shares, and Fund Managers are only interested in their own products. You need an unbiased, educated opinion. We look at your attitude to investment and your goals before constructing a portfolio to meet your needs and achieve your financial goals. We like to remind our investors that successful investing has more to do with time in the market, not timing the market�. Essentially, you are investors not traders, and our portfolios are set up to perform over the medium to long term. You will experience ups and downs but can rest assured that we are here to guide you through the rollercoaster ride of investing. It is a proven fact that over the long term investing wisely is the only way to enhance your capital.


We are able to give you investment advice covering all asset classes and investment choices from direct shares and managed funds to property syndicates and more sophisticated capital protected geared investments. Diversification, risk profiling and asset allocation techniques are at the centre of our portfolio construction strategies.

Investment Choice


Security National has a strict investment selection process developed using the best in domestic and global research to ensure our recommended product list consists of quality investment options and products. We have an investment committee that meet monthly to discuss the economic environment and make investment selection decisions. We are conservative with our approach to adding investments to our menu; we do not follow fads or overnight trends. We chose quality managers and companies with a proven history or a solid foundation to ensure your financial success.

Ongoing Services

At Security National we focus on relationships, that is on forging strong, ongoing relationships with you, working hard to get to know you, your family and your needs. This allows us over time to build a rapport that goes beyond planner and investor. It means we can understand how you are affected by changes in the market or in your personal circumstances.

The ongoing management of your investment portfolio and constant reviewing of your strategy to ensure it is on track is an integral part of the planning process. We continually monitor your investments, and your strategic and regulatory plan. We match your asset allocation to your risk profile, which may also change over time, and make it a priority to meet regularly to make sure your portfolio reflects your attitude to investment. In order to achieve this you will be asked to have regular review meetings with your planner. You will also receive regular correspondence from our office, both written and via email, keeping you up to date with market conditions and you portfolio position as well as receiving a monthly newsletter discussing relevant economic and regulatory issues.

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